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Papers marked Trends'06 are those submitted in "pre-proceedings" form to the 2006 workshop on Future Trends in Hypercomputation. Subsequent versions of these papers may also exist as peer-reviewed articles in the International Journal of Unconventional Computing or elsewhere, and you are advised to consult these later versions where possible.

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Author Date File Format Size (kb)
Costa, J.F.2006
(Trends 06)
Five Views over Hypercomputation (abstract) PDF4
Hogarth, M. 1994 Non-Turing Computers and Non-Turing Computability PDF37
Hogarth, M. 1996Predictability, Computability and Spacetime (PhD Thesis) PDF403
Hogarth, M.2002 Deciding Arithmetic in Malament-Hogarth Spacetimes PDF35
Hogarth, M.2006
(Trends 06)
Non-Turing Computers are the new Non-Euclidean Geometries PDF129
Kieu, T.D. 2002 Computing the noncomputable PDF248
Kieu T.D.2006
(Trends 06)
On quantum hypercomputation PDF115
Kugel, P. 2001 Can computers be genuinely intelligent? PDF211
Kugel P.2006
(Trends 06)
Uncomputers PDF34
Love D.2006
(Trends 06)
Hypocomputation? PDF128
MacLennan B.2006
(Trends 06)
Super-Turing or Non-Turing? PDF41
Ord, T. 2002 Hypercomputation: computing more than the Turing machine (honours thesis) PDF764
Stannett, M. 1991/2000 An introduction to post-Newtonian and non-Turing computation PDF130
Stannett, M. 1998/2001 Computation over arbitrary models of time PDF317
Stannett, M. 2001 Hypercomputation is experimentally irrefutable PDF477
Stannett, M.2006
(Trends 06)
Welcome to Trends'06 PDF97
Stepney S.2006
(Trends 06)
Hypercomputation and the Grand Challenge in Non-Classical Computation PDF34
Syropoulos A.2006
(Trends 06)
Can we debug the Universe? PDF166
Wells B.2006
(Trends 06)
An Example of Hypercomputation in Algebra and Logic (abstract; the speaker was ultimately unable to attend) PDF12

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