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The Hypercomputation Mailing List is an international discussion list for researchers interested in hypercomputation (also called super-Turing, non-Turing, or non-recursive computation) who want an opportunity to exchange ideas with others.

IMPORTANT: You *must* subscribe to the list before sending messages to it. Only messages sent by registered members of the list will be distributed. Joining the list is free - see the instructions below.

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Some basic information

How to subscribe / unsubscribe

Click here to open the list-information page, and fill out the details it asks for. To unsubscribe, do the same!

How to send mail to the list

  1. Make sure you've joined the list (see the instructions above)
  2. Send your message to discussion@hypercomputation.net

Guidelines to Members

Members of this list come from many disciplines and backgrounds, and there are bound to be differences in style and opinion in this sometimes controversial area, so please be tolerant when reading messages and diplomatic when writing them - one person's "robust" can often be another's "offensive".

If you find that mail starts getting through that seems to you to be "off-topic" please contact the list-owner.

Contacting the List-Owner

The Hypercomputation Mailing List is maintained by Mike Stannett. The hypercomputation websites (.com/.net/.org) are registered to Mike Stannett under his trading name 'NoiseFactory'. If you have any complaints or suggestions, please send an email to webmaster@hypercomputation.net

Legal Issues

Other lists have occasionally reported situations where software solutions discussed at length on a list are subsequently subject to attempted patent applications by third parties. I am not a legal expert and am not qualified to give legal advice - if in any doubt about any mailing you are thinking of sending to the list, you should obtain professional legal advice. Please remember that publication on a mailing list almost certainly does constitute public disclosure for patenting and libel purposes, and that when you send a message to this list, both copyright in, and responsibility for, your mailing remain with yourself or the existing owner.

Thanks again

Thank you once again for your interest in the hypercomputation mailing list - we look forward to some stimulating debates.

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